Former Somali President Calls for Peace in Galgaduud Region


Former President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known as Farmajo, has issued a call for peace in the ongoing tribal conflict in the Galgaduud region.

In a press release, Farmajo urged the central government, the Galmudug administration, and traditional elders to work together to end the violence.

“The recurring civil conflict in Galgaduud region is a tragic and unfortunate situation that cannot be ignored,” Farmajo stated. “The people of Galguduud are relatives, brothers, and sisters who should be cooperating in the development of their area and competing with other Somali regions that are focused on peace, unity, and the construction of essential infrastructure.”

The conflict in Galgaduud has been a source of concern for many years, and Farmajo’s call for peace highlights the need for a resolution to the violence.

The region’s stability is crucial for the overall development and progress of Somalia, and Farmajo’s message serves as a reminder of the importance of unity and cooperation in achieving lasting peace.

The conflict in Galgaduud, central Somalia, has resulted in at least 50 deaths and more than 60 injuries. The clashes, which began on June 8, 2024, are between militias from the Marehan and Dir clans in the Abudwak and Herale districts. The exact motive behind the inter-clan fighting remains unclear, though it is known to be linked to land disputes.

The Somali government has instructed its security agencies and the Galmudug administration to intervene and mediate urgently. The Galmudug government has vowed to hold accountable those responsible for inciting the ongoing conflict, emphasizing that they will face legal action.

Heightened security measures are now in place in the Landhere area of Galgaduud Province, including the deployment of additional troops, the establishment of checkpoints, heightened patrols, localized curfews, and potential road closures.

The conflict underscores the fragility of peace in the region and the ongoing challenges in resolving inter-clan disputes through negotiation and legal means. Efforts are underway to restore stability and end the violence, with the Somali government and the Galmudug administration working together to mediate between the warring clans.